Thank you for taking the time to peruse our site! The schedule for the week of 9/17-9/23 is listed below for your convenience. This page is also updated frequently to reflect any changes in the models' current availability.  


Tysons Corner, VA Washington, DC
Mon 9/17: Mon 9/17:
Becca: 12pm-6pm Katie: 10am-8pm
Caroline: 5pm-10pm  
Madison: 12pm-4pm  
Sasha: 11:30am-6:30pm  
Zoe: 2pm-9pm  
Tue 9/18: Tue 9/18:
Caroline: 5pm-10pm Katie: 10am-8pm
Madison: 2pm-8pm  
Molly: 11am-7pm  
Zoe: 2pm-9pm  
Wed 9/19: Wed 9/19:
Madison: 11am-5pm Katie: 10am-8pm
Sasha: 4:30pm-8:30pm  
Thur 9/20: Thur 9/20:
Madison: 5pm-10pm Katie: 10am-8pm
Molly: 12pm-10pm  
Natalie: 10am-5pm  
Sasha: 1:30pm-4pm  
Fri 9/21: Fri 9/21:
Caroline: 5pm-10pm Katie: 10am-8pm
Madison: 5pm-9pm  
Natalie: 10am-5pm  
Sasha: 11am-5pm  
Sat 9/22:  
Caroline: 12pm-6pm  
Sasha: 2:30pm-5:30pm  
Skyler: 12pm-6pm  
Sun 9/23:  
Caroline: 1pm-6pm  
Molly: 4pm-10pm  
Skyler: 12pm-6pm